Spanish Translation and Training for Agriculture / Dairy

Spanish Language Services: Agriculture & Dairy

Safety on the job. OSHA regulations and compliance, specifically related to farmhand operation of equipment, machine guards, and confined space entry. Those two items are of extreme importance, especially with employment around-the-clock of Spanish-speaking farmhands. One accident related to a language gap can have long lasting physical and financial repercussions for the farmhand and the farm. Bridge-It Languages LLC can help your farm take the steps towards avoiding a language-gap related accident on the job with the following services:

  • Application of OSHA-30 General Industry completed training knowledge into Spanish;
  • Bilingual facilitation experience with the following topics:
    • Blood-borne pathogens
    • Proper lifting techniques
    • Box-cutter safety
    • Conveyor safety
    • Forklift safety
  • Translation of safety-related documentation to Spanish;
  • Develop and design Spanish translated documentation into a customized, multimedia, bilingual training solution to help better retain the new content on the job;
  • A bilingual training solution with a measurement process to check the farmhands’ retention of material on the job in 30,60, 90, or even 180 days;
  • Facilitate classes in English for farmhands and/or Spanish for owners/management – both specifically designed for your farm environment and need.

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