Spanish Translation and Training for Employment Agencies

Spanish Language Services: Employment Agencies

Pre-screening for employment documentation and qualifications. Responsible for facilitating client’s safety training, OSHA and/or client specific, prior to first day of the employment assignment. With the ever growing Hispanic workforce in the Fox Valley, documentation, employment qualifications, and safety training must be taken seriously to provide your client with well-trained, safety knowledgeable employees. In doing so, your client relationship will only prosper from being known as an agency for well-trained and safety-minded employees. Bridge-It Languages can help bridge the language gap for you and/or your clients and the Hispanic workforce with the following services:

  • Application of OSHA-30 General Industry completed training knowledge into Spanish;
  • Bilingual facilitation experience of new employee onboarding topics, such as:
    • Blood-borne pathogens
    • Proper lifting techniques
    • Conveyor safety
    • Box cutter safety
    • Forklift safety
  • Translation of policies and procedures and safety-related documentation to Spanish;
  • Develop and design Spanish translated documentation into a customized, multimedia, bilingual training solution to help better retain the new content on the job.

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