Spanish Translation and Training for Manufacturing

Spanish Language Services: Manufacturing

Safety on the job. OSHA regulations and compliance. There cannot be any misunderstanding of the policies and operation of machinery. One accident related to a language gap issue can have long lasting physical and financial repercussions for the employee and the company. Bridge-It Languages can help you take the steps towards avoiding a language-gap related accident on the job with the following services:

  • Application of OSHA-30 General Industry completed training knowledge into Spanish;
  • Bilingual facilitation experience of new employee onboarding topics, such as:
    • Blood-borne pathogens
    • Proper lifting techniques
    • Conveyor safety
    • Box cutter safety
    • Forklift safety
  • Translation of HR and safety-related documentation to Spanish;
  • Develop and design Spanish translated documentation into a customized, multimedia, bilingual training solution to help better retain the new content on the job;
  • A bilingual training solution with a measurement process to check the employees’ retention of material on the job in 30,60, 90, or even 180 days;
  • Facilitate classes in English for employees and/or Spanish for management – both specifically designed for your manufacturing environment and need.

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