Spanish Translation and Training for Real Estate / Title Insurance

Spanish Language Services: Real Estate/Title Insurance

“The Hispanic population is booming throughout the country, and the Fox Valley is no exception. The number of Hispanics calling the region home nearly doubled from 2000 to 2010. Statewide numbers from the 2010 census tell a similar story in terms of growth. Hispanics now make up 5.9 percent of Wisconsin’s population. But the sheer numbers don’t tell the whole story. The growing cultural presence is being felt in churches, schools, neighborhoods and businesses.” (Source: The Post-Crescent, September 2011.) Bridge-It Languages can help bridge the language gap between you, the agent, and your Hispanic family towards securing their first home in the Fox Valley with the following services:

  • Accompany you and the Hispanic family to interpret what are family’s housing needs and finances during an online search of homes at the agent’s home office and/or out in the community for home visits/open houses;
  • Upon deciding upon a home/accepting an offer, sit down with you and the Hispanic family to interpret/translate what needs to be understood and signed for the closing documents;
  • Interpret for you and the Hispanic family for the best rates as well as the handling of the legal transfer of the property to them;
  • Translate marketing collateral to Spanish for your real estate team and title insurance team.

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