Bridge-It languages is not just a language translation company. We are about turning individuals on to learning through creating customized bilingual, multimedia training solutions. Within that training solution is the crucial element of RETAIN. Consider this situation:

  • You hire us to TRANSLATE a document from one language to the other. Then, you just leave it with that individual or group of individuals to apply the translated knowledge back on the job.
  • How soon will that translated knowledge be misunderstood or forgotten?
  • Solution: A TRAINing program designed and developed with the appropriate adult learning techniques and media.  The training program will include the methods of measuring the effectiveness of RETAINing the application of new knowledge on the job at, for example, 30, 60, or 90 days, or even 6- 12 months later.

RETAIN is also about your company or organization keeping new and veteran employees possibly longer because they have benefited greatly from the training through a boost in their morale and productivity on the job along with going home safely at the end of the day. The bottom line is affected positively for you!

Interactive Training Solution Demonstration

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PLS Training Demo

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