New Employee Onboarding

Does your company hire F/T, P/T, or seasonal employees whose native language is Spanish? Do you want to make sure that they understand the company’s policies, especially those that need their signature, like HIPAA?

Bridge-It Languages provides the following solutions to new employee onboarding:

  • Translation to Spanish of company policies, such as sexual harassment, attendance, overtime, dress code, FMLA, and others;
  • Facilitation in Spanish of the whole new employee onboarding experience, whether it be four hours or over a two-day period to complete;
  • Translation to Spanish and/or provision of OSHA issued workplace safety forms in Spanish;
  • Facilitation in Spanish of OSHA required topics, pertinent to the type of working environment, such as bloodborne pathogens, ladder safety, hazardous communications, ergonomics, proper lifting techniques, and others.

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