On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Are you looking for help in introducing a new safety policy or an updated equipment procedure out on the floor? Is one of the main challenges bridging the language gap, especially with Spanish-speaking employees?

Bridge-It Languages can provide these solutions:

  • Taking paragraph after paragraph of a policy and procedure and simplify it to be better retained with visual step-by-step information to quickly access on the job;
  • Visual, laminated job aids;
  • Wallet-size, laminated quick reference job aids;
  • Facilitate in Spanish the introduction of the safety policy or updated equipment procedure in a classroom setting, followed by OJT out on the floor;
  • A blended learning approach, which is facilitating the introduction of the new or updated material in a classroom setting combined with the creation of a bilingual, multimedia training solution to be accessed by the employees on your company’s intranet or CD/DVD out on the floor’s workstation PC/laptop.

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